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Waterfront Luxury Living

The Greater New Orleans area has multiple types of waterfront property extending around Lake Pontchartrain.  Living on the southern side of the lake around Bucktown your balcony or window view would be that of the Southern Yacht Club Marina.  This is where boat owners sail their small vessels out onto the open waters of the lake on calm weather days.  There is much more boats and jet-ski activity visible on the weekends than weekdays.  Fishing, water skiing, sailing and jet skiing are just a few of the water sport activities available year-round here.  

Condos on the Water

Spectacular views overlooking the large marina from the balcony in a high-rise condo.   On southwest side of the lake you can witness some of the annual watercraft sport events and other lake activities.   The nearby renovated boat launch is the favorite spot for those hoping to see what fish are biting or how others handle boat trailers is quite entertaining.

Northshore Waterfront Living

Waterfront homesSt. Tammany has Multi-Level Mansions facing the lakefront in Mandeville with fantastic views of the water activities all along the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Most of these elite homes have an attached boat dock for instant access to the multiple lakes, canals and Gulf of Mexico.

Madisonville is famous for its hidden lakefront cabins with small private boat docks. The smaller boats have access to inland canals with lower water than the larger deepwater boats at the mansions. Wooded acreage of the main road has sturdy ranch style homes with barns close by multiple water canals.  These are great for kayaks, pirogues and small flat boats to do some relaxing fresh water fishing.

Fog floating atop the Tchefuncte River as the sunrises and the colorful sunsets over the Lake Pontchartrain.  Elevated multi story houses along the lake with scenic views and tranquility can be found in Mandeville.  

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