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Luxury Lakeview Homes in New Orleans

Beautiful and Elegant Lakeview Homes in New Orleans

Lakeview homes continue to be in great demand across New Orleans. In fact, these elegant and lavish houses were all rebuilt by investors after Hurricane Katrina. The latter – along with Hurricane Rita – destroyed countless homes, businesses, and residences in the Gulf Coast area. However, New Orleans surely got the brunt of these storms will millions of dollars in damages across the city.

In recent years, Lakeview real-estate has seen a strong resurgence with new residential and commercial establishments. This has also led to many new houses and developments, along with complete upgrades and overhauls of previously destroyed neighborhoods. If looking for the affordable luxury New Orleans homes Lakeview is hard to pass up.

Types of Houses in Lakeview

Lakeview is a haven for beautiful homes and tree-lined streets. Although extremely close to the water, most of the homes of Lakeview are not waterfront properties.  From one-story houses to luxurious two-story properties and even mini-mansions – the area continues to boon with new homes and investments.

Many houses also feature economically-green options, along with SMART home options, cozy fireplaces, and a myriad of other amenities. There are also spacious closets, contemporary kitchens, Wi-Fi, and stunning designs and décor. Whether looking for homes with swimming pools, Jacuzzis, or large yards – Lakeview truly offers it all. In fact, this burgeoning area is considered one of the top and affluent communities not only in Louisiana – but across the nation.

Investing in Lakeview New Orleans

Lakeview is considered one of the top prime-real estate areas in New Orleans. However, this area is also a great place to work and raise a family in.

This was one of the main aspirations of investors when they completely revitalized, rejuvenated and replenished the area. In fact, they wanted Lakeview to be blanketed with new schools, parks and plenty of fun-filled and safe activities for all residents, families, and guests. This is why Lakeview continues to build and expand – with the hopes of attracting and engaging new families and businesses to the area.

Real estate agents have also been working hard to schedule walking tours, walk-throughs, and even virtual tours of out-of-state investors and buyers. They work hard in helping neighbors meet and greet each other while participating in community events as well.

With so much to do and see, Lakeview continues to attract home buyers all over the region. This area is slated to grow even more in the coming months and years. If you are interested in purchasing a Lakeview property, simply contact your local real estate agent and he or she will make it happen!

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