Maybach 62

Most Expensive Cars In The World

#7 Maybach 62 – $385,250

Top eight most expensive cars in the world – #7 Maybach 62 is for the aristocrat class, simply because it comes with a cool price tag that reads $385,250. This car is one of the first automobile models of Maybach ever since the brand has been revived by DaimlerChrysler. The Maybach 62 is an ultra-luxurious automobile that has been designed by making a provision for a chauffeur.

The car is all about luxury and that is visible from its features. The car consists fully-reclining rear seats, AirMATIC dual control air suspension, Maybach 4 zone climate control, laminated, infrared-reflecting, tinted glass all around the car, folding rear tables to the left and right, display instruments in rear roof liner, a refrigerator compartment and BOSE Surround Everywhere sound system.

Maybach 62 Features

The features are such that they make driving a pleasure-filled experience for you. Apart from the aforementioned features, the car also flaunts features like Cockpit Management and Navigation System (COMAND), CD changer in rear seats, DVD navigation, TV tuners front and rear as well as DVD players, two sets of headphones, two rear LCD TV screens accompanied with the remote control, and you also automatic closing doors.

The seventh car of the top eight most expensive cars in the world comes armed with the modern automotive technology, which has been crafted in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Maybach 62 bears testimony to the fact that it has been designed with strict attention to detail. Maybach claims to occupy a high-end position in the luxury car segment. The features of the luxury car are smart and are considered to be an ideal blend of the classic and avant-garde features.

You can also have optional extras for your car. A few of those optional extras include an external communication system for $1780, which comes with a microphone system and a loudspeaker that makes it convenient for the one in the rear of the Maybach to talk as well as listen to the people not inside the car, and you also can get a panoramic glass sun roof at a cost of $11,670.

If you can spend some more, then you can get a retractable electro-transparent partition screen between the rear occupants of the car and the driver for $23,780. If you still want to add on optional features and if money is not a factor with you, then you can also have the highly expensive GUARD B4 Package for high protection that will come for a steep price like $151,810.

The Maybach is an automobile for life. Its technological excellence is proved by its design perfection, perfect elegance and aesthetics. Maybach 62 thus is rightfully placed in the seventh slot of the top eight most expensive cars in the world.