Top Eight Most Expensive Cars In the World 2008

#2 Enzo Ferrari – $1,000,000

Top Eight most expensive cars in the world 2008 reveals the name of the Enzo Ferrari. The car is priced at a neat $1,000,000, which makes it affordable only for the rich. The car is a 12-cylinder Ferrari supercar that has been named after the founder of the company, Enzo Ferrari.

The car was built in 2003 making use of the Formula One technology, like it has F1-style sequential shift transmission, a carbon-fiber body and carbon-ceramic brake discs. Active aerodynamics is also enabled in the car even though this technology is not supported by F1 technology.

The Enzo Ferrari and its features

The Enzo Ferrari has a semi-automatic transmission (called Electrohydraulic Manual Transmission)  that enables the using of paddles for controlling an automated shifting and clutch mechanism. The LED lights that you see on the steering wheel of this car informs the driver when its time to change the gears. The Enzo Ferrari comes accompanied with 4-wheel independent suspension with push-rod actuated shock absorbers, for which adjustments can be made from the cabin; you will get anti-roll bars at the front as well as at the rear.

The excellent performance of the Ferrari Enzo justifies it being in the top eight most expensive cars in the world. Once you take a look at this car, you will know that the car has been prepared for taking to the roads conveniently revealing extreme sportiness. The car is absolutely perfect for road use and at the same time also mirrors the advanced concepts of Formula 1 racing technology.

Glance at the cool body of the car; it is a treat to see its beauty. Advanced and composite materials have been used for the making of the body of this car. Sandwich panels of carbon fiber as well as Nomex enabled the designer of the car to structure the body shell and at the same time adjust the weight to a minimum, and then going on to create very stylistic forms.

The front of the car with its two intakes for the radiators together with the raised central section resembles the Formula 1 front section that comes with a raised nose, a small pointed head and air-intakes under the spoilers in a gull-wing effect.

The sides of the Enzo Ferrari are facilitated with the use of composites, which are shaped to optimize the air-flow with regard to internal fluid dynamics. If you can afford this expensive car, then definitely buy it. You can gat dealer information at the Ferrari website. This excellent sports car takes the world by storm is rightfully placed in the second slot of the top eight most expensive cars in the world.